Tree Care Services

Tree Lopping & Arborists Brisbane is your one-stop-shop when it comes to tree care and tree removal. Below is the list of tree care services that we offer.

Tree Lopping ServiceBrisbane Tree Lopping Service

Although we take great care in looking after the health of trees, often trees can become unhealthy, die, or become too large and become a nascence causing damage to properties and fences. If this is the case and you require a reliable Brisbane tree lopping service to conduct tree removal with no mess left behind call Tree Lopping & Arborists Brisbane. We’ll perform a first class job at rates you can afford. Read More

Tree Pruning ServicesBrisbane Tree Pruning Services

We are the best company that you can work with when it comes to Tree Pruning in Brisbane. This service is extremely beneficial for trees as it promotes growth. We safely remove dead, hazardous, and diseased limbs and branches to stimulate the formation of fruit buds and flowers; making your trees more productive. Read More

Power Line Tree TrimmingBrisbane Power Line Tree Trimming

Not surprisingly, your main priority is the health and safety of your family, so don’t put them at risk by having overhanging trees on your power lines. If you’re in need of power line clearing or trimming of trees on power lines be sure to contact us today to protect your family from the elements you do have control of. Read More

Stump Grinding ServicesBrisbane Stump Grinding

After trees have been cut down, an unsightly stump is left standing on the ground. This can ruin the overall appearance of any landscape and it can pose danger. Here at Tree Lopping & Arborists Brisbane, we provide high quality stump grinding and removal services. It doesn’t matter how many stumps you want to get rid of, you can be assured that we’re the perfect team for the job.

Other services we offer include:

  • Power line Tree Trimming
  • Tree Maintenance
  • Deadwood Removal
  • Land Clearing after Tree Removal
  • Storm Damage Prevention

If you find yourself in need of any of our tree care services, please feel free to contact us and we’ll be happy to provide you with a free written quote.